The focal point of The Old College, The Dome Room and its adjoining rooms are some of the most spectacular spaces on the site, joining directly with the

reception area and front staircase.

The glass dome can be lit from outside on the dome roof. 3 phase power is available in the building and productions have exclusive use of the courtyard

and full use of the Lethaby Building when filming.

The Lethaby Building

THe Dome Room


The Lethaby Building has a grand hexagonal spiral staircase at the front of the building leading directly in to the Reception area and The Dome Room. It also has a square spiral staircase at the rear of the building. Both are topped with glass domes, turning them in to full building height lightwells. Each floor's corridors have a very different feel. The ground floor has the grand feeling of the old school with marble columns and mosaic tiled floors, the basement corridors are dense and institutional, and the second and third floors are brighter and double well as a hospital setting.

The Lethaby Building

StairCases & corridors


Winding under the entirety of the Lethaby Building, the basement corridors and rooms are a labyrinth of interconnected spaces.  Thin windows near the top of rooms on the outer walls give the claustrophobic feel of being underground, while the pipes and the

ventilation system running along the ceilings of the corridors give

a heavy and dense industrial feel.  They make perfect period cells for a police station set.

The Lethaby Building


The Build Space is in the basement of the Lethaby Building. Offering just over 2000sqft of double height build space, there is also a balcony overlooking the room, which gives the ability to shoot and light from above. 3 phase power is available on site.

The Lethaby Building

Build space

Spead over two levels, the lead-lined rooftops of the Lethaby Building have a fantasic worn Victorian and industrial look. The dome atop the front staircase is the focal point on the front corner of the building. The rooftops also have practical applications for lighting The Dome Room and also the interior rooms on the first and second floors. 

The Lethaby Building


The second and third floors house a variety of spaces, ranging from the old workshops on the third floor, where extraction pipes line the ceilings, through to the bright, clean, grand rooms with marble pillars on the second floor.  Varying in style slightly, almost all rooms have parquet floors and the long ceiling-to-waist-height windows that are

a feature of the the Lethaby Building.

The Lethaby Building

2nd & 3rd Floor




The Studio

Broadcast Studio

Set - Build

Rehearsal Space

A space which has been used to great effect for the live television broadcast of a nightly talk show,  a weekly Channel 4 show, music festival rehearsal for one of the biggest bands in the world, and also an unusual studio space.  Once a theatre, the studio has one of the few full building-height stages left in London, with direct stage-loading access from the building's courtyard and the street.  The Auditorium is overlooked by a mezzanine area for additional audience capacity or technical booths.  The stage and auditorium give you 4000sqft of versatile space. 3 phase power is available in the Studio.

The Location Collective

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